RLH_Zoe Letters_Elephants - Playgroup

Calling all our Littlest Heroes!

Wednesdays 9-11:00am

Email Katherine Blecha at katherine[dot]blecha[at]gmail[dot]com for location information and any questions you may need answered.

Have you ever wondered if Raising Little Heroes would be a good fit for your family but feel wary about bringing your babies and toddlers? Although all our events are open to all ages, we understand a formal volunteer event might be a little intimidating when the kiddos are tiny and wiggly. So, we are launching a regular playgroup especially for you! Come join us for a chance to get to know more parents with young children who believe volunteerism and youth civic engagement are an important part of raising kids today. We will mostly play and get to know one another but also plan to do simple activities to benefit our community.

The playgroup’s Facebook page will be updated regularly with photos from playgroup, ideas of ways to get toddlers involved, and updates on what we have been doing and are doing in the future.

We hope to see you and your little ones there!

***In case of inclement weather, check our playgroup Facebook page***

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