Jessica Jacobson (Principal Designer, Studio JPJ)  Jessica is a mother of two boys, Asher, 7, Rhys, 5  and baby girl Addy 6 mo. She and her family moved to Boulder in 2010 from Chicago, by way of Seattle. Since starting a family Jessica has wanted to find a way to get involved in community service and give back with her kids, teaching them from a young age what it means to be a part of a strong community.  Whether it’s helping with holiday toy drives or helping a neighbor get groceries for her sick family, Jessica is striving to show her family what “good will towards others” means.  Jessica met RLH founder Sarah Stith in the fall of 2012 and quickly learned about Raising Little Heroes. She felt an immediate connection with the goals of the group and her own.  Jessica designed the logo and t shirts for the group.

DSCN4445Sarah Stith (Founder).  In the summer of 2012, Sarah gathered a handful of families who shared her wish to expose their small children to community service work from a young age.  Together the group organized regular projects and word quickly spread around Boulder.  Before they knew it, over 100 local families had jumped on board and Raising Little Heroes started it’s journey.  Today, over 200 families regularly receive word of monthly projects ranging from efforts supporting people, animals, and the environment.  These days, Sarah can be found following the lead of her now older children on their adventures seeking volunteer opportunities that speak to them as individuals.  So far, her children have lead the charge in getting their family involved with Boulder Food RescueCommunity Food Share, and Boulder Bridge House.