Let’s Bag Hunger Food Drive: November 18, 2012

Let’s Bag Hunger Food Drive:  November 18th, 2012

Our family did part II of this month’s RLH project and spent some time at the grocery store this morning, handing out bags and encouraging shoppers to donate to the Community Food Share’s annual “Let’s Bag Hunger” food drive.  We were excited to help and had learned that the “greeter” job was important but it was pretty shocking to find out first hand how true that is.  Without someone at the door telling people about the food drive, shoppers literally don’t even notice the bin.  We were signed up to be there for 1 hour, but Zoe was loving it so much that we stayed for almost 2!  She was so awesome at it…she tends to feel shy talking to people she doesn’t know but insisted on being the one to greet each person coming through the door and didn’t hesitate to give them the run-down, even when they needed specifics about what to do.  When I told her we could look into more ways to volunteer with the Food Share, she literally jumped for joy.  I really felt so, so  proud of her and the amount of donations she was able to help the food share receive for those couple of hours this morning.  The driver who emptied the bins while we were there said that we had given out about 40 bags, which averages out to 320 pounds of food!  Pretty amazing…if you haven’t already signed up to do a shift, please email them immediately.  The drive goes through the 21st so you still have time!  So easy, so worth it–don’t wait.  If you can’t help with the food drive, but are still interested in helping them out, the Food Share is always looking for volunteers for a variety of things from working in the warehouse (which you can do with kids, just not really young ones like Owen’s age) or delivering food regularly to the elderly.  You can check out their website for more information.  If you don’t live in the Boulder area, ask around where you live to see if there is a food drive going on that you could volunteer for with your kids–I bet there is, and if there isn’t–try organizing your own!


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